Intangible Adorations will be a feature-length art documentary that focuses on how a small-scale theatre piece about identity & trauma evolved - through interaction with its audiences - into a broader, more profound examination of the cult of personality & celebrity, and how this affects both artist and spectator. Using found footage, interview and verité shooting, the film will track the evolution of the piece as it became a social experiment. In addition, by documenting the final phase of the piece, the film will itself become part of the experiment.

The artist is intrigued by how what was a deeply personal, intense exploration of the trauma that impacted her life somehow connected with a wider audience, who somehow understood it even if they had not faced the same difficulties in their own lives. Her whole body of work as an artist is rooted in the discovery of the unexpected, so this phenomenon she encountered with Intangible Adorations fits exactly with the underlying engine of her work.

To this point, the reaction of those who have experienced Intangible Adorations - whether as a live piece or in concept form - has been exceptionally positive and gratifying, but it has also been on a limited scale. A film that captures the essence of the whole project will enable the artist to reach a larger number of people with her vision. In addition, due to her health, the artist's ability to perform live can often be curtailed; the film is a way of overcoming this, and always being able to get her vision out into the world.